The new iphone 5 is out!

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Quick everyone! Let all join the infinity cool and trendy folk waiting in the line for the new iphone!

God damn, I wish I could join this creative elite and sleep on the street with them…


Protection money: what the New York mob and tech blogs have in common…

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Yes, the geeks at your favorite tech blog may be running a protection money business.

TechCrunch: the new mafia

The team behind TechCrunch routinely contacts startups and asks them to invest in their shady “CrunchFund”, which is basically a protection money business. You have to give them your money or they will make sure your startup is ruined by lots of negative publicity [Well, you don’t give them money per se, you give them a piece of your company].

Does that sound like a conspiracy theory. Or is it the hard true about the current state of tech blogs?

Some hard evidence for you nay sayers

Well, consider the following story: a startup company called AirBnB is approached by the TechCrunch, but refuses to pay the protection money. This results in the following articles in their blogs:

  • Airbnb Offers Unconditional Apology, And $50,000 Insurance Guarantee 8/1/11 by Arrington
  • Another Airbnb Victim Tells His Story: “There Were Meth Pipes Everywhere” – 7/31/11 by Arrington
  • How The Hell Is This My Fault? – 7/30/11 by Arrington
  • Airbnb Victim Speaks Again: Homeless, Scared And Angry 7/29/11 by Arrington
  • The Moment Of Truth For Airbnb As User’s Home Is Utterly Trashed – 7/27/11 by Arrington

Eventually, the startup gives up and hands over some cash [read: company shares] to TechCrunch. All the sudden, the negative posts are replaced with these:

  • Airbnb: 5 Million Nights Booked, Opening 6 New International Offices In Q1 2012
    1/26/12 by Robin Wauters

  • DLD 2012 – Brian Chesky: “Average Airbnb Host In NYC Pockets $21,000 A Year”
    1/23/12 by Robin Wauters

  • With Focus On International Expansion, Airbnb Comes To Android And Revamps Mobile Web Offerings – 1/17/12 by Alexia Tsotsis
  • A List Of Startups Goldman Sachs Thinks Will Most Likely IPO
    12/3/11 by Alexia Tsotsis

  • Airbnb To Partner With Vayable To Upsell Travel Experiences To Renters
    12/2/11 by Greg Kumparak

  • Why The Collaborative Consumption Revolution Might Be As Significant As The Industrial Revolution (TCTV) – 11/14/11 by Andrew Keen
  • Airbnb’s Brian Chesky On Expansion Efforts: We Use Our Community To Figure Out What’s Next
    11/10/11 by Alexia Tsotsis

  • Airbnb Is Thinking About Partnering With Car-Sharing Services – 10/31/11 by Leena Rao
  • Airbnb Checks In With Springstar For International Expansion – 10/17/11 by Robin Wauters
  • Airbnb Launches Sublets, Tempts Early Adopters With $200 Off Each Month’s Rent – 9/1/11 by Jason Kincaid
  • Airbnb Rolls Out 24/7 Phone Support, Additional Safety Features – 8/8/11 by Jason Kincaid


The above list was put together by James Matts and posted in the comment section of this article.

No, we are not dead!

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Yes, we are still very much alive.

The reason there haven’t been any new posts for a while is lack of time but also that the worst offenders at Engadget now mostly work at the “verge”. That include the Apple fanboys Vlad and Joshua.

Speaking of Joshua Topolsky, they had this “whats in your bag” interview with him (well, technically with “himself”) and found out that he has an iphone, an ipad and an macbook air in his bag.

Being Joshua, that was pretty much expected. I was honestly more surprised that he had left his AppleTV, Time Capsule and AAPL stocks at home 🙂

Is Engadget getting paid for these product placements?

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Isn’t the whole idea about product placement to make it less obvious its a paid commercial??

Here is an article about one of ARM founders

For the record, the MBA in this pictures run on an Intel processor

This one is about ATT and T-mobile roaming agreement

This is just too obvious

And more…

There are tons of pictures like this on Engadget. Just check their review galleries for example…

The Verge, aka the engadget guys next biased blog

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So some of the guys from Engadget decided to leave that sinking ship and start their own thing. The started a blog called “this is my next thing site” which later became “The verge”.

Unfortunately, the seem to have kept to the Apple-bias that made Engadget famous. For example, consider the following comparison between Apple iphone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII:

The highlighted cells shows which phone does best in the corresponding category. Looking at this comparison, most people would go “wow, the iphone 4S is in every aspect better than iphone 4 and it seems to also outperform galaxy SII in most cases”. This is however far from the true…


You see, this comparison was constructed to make the 4S look better than it is:

  • processor: the 4S and the galaxy have the same dual core A9 processor. The galaxy is however faster (iphone 0.8-1.0 GHz vs galax 1.2 and 1.5 GHz). I dont really understand how this two can be equal. IMO galaxy wins.
  • Read more…

Engadget Symbian Belle review

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Was dusting off my time-machine for yet another back-to-future Engadget review. I was however beaten to it by this smartass:

Damn it! Dude, so uncool to steal my review!!

Upcoming Engadget Nokia N9 review [updated]

21/06/2011 11 comments

UPDATE: so whats up with the pictures?? i hear you ask… Well, check an Engadget review of something totally unrelated to Apple and see how many Apple products they manage to squeeze in every fucking picture….

Yeah, it is once more time to dust up the time machine and have a peek into the future. This time, we are examining the future of Nokia N9 MeeGo phone 🙂

Engadget N9 review

The Nokia N9, or more correctly the N950 – the developer version that you cannot buy

Here we go:


  • solid build quality
  • battery lasts for a week with moderate use
  • off-line access to Ovi Maps
  • very good call quality

As you can see, the new UI is just as Ugly as Symbian^3. Is Nokia scared of squares?


  • browser can not run flash content
  • no retina display, 840×400 is just too low for serious browsing
  • Only 20.000 apps available on Ovi Store. Apple App Store ™ have now more than 600.000 very useful and interesting apps
  • we cant really see developers doing apps for this platform, after all Apple App Store ™ have now more than 600.000 apps
  • N9 doesn’t play nice with our macs, neither can it stream to our AirPlay. and no native itunes support
  • dated OMAP3 processor, these days you need at least a dual core CPU.
  • MeeGo is a dead platform. We can’t really see why people should buy this phone instead of, say, Apple iPhone 4 which has a huge mindshare (Apple App Store ™ have more than 600.000 apps)
  • the price, 580 USD is simply too much when you can get a Verizon iPhone 4 for 49 USD
  • no physical keyboard

As you can clearly see in the picture, the N9 is simply too small for any serious work.

6 / 10

(you might think this is bad. However, this is actually the highest score Engadget ever given a Nokia product)