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The next blog post by John Gruber…

(background: there has been some speculation about the amount of memory in ipad2. some people believe that ipad2 contains only 256 MB of memory, just like the first ipad)

10 reasons why 256 MB of memory is just right for a tablet

  • 512MB will just decrease the battery life
  • Apple now measures memory size in Nibbles which is a new modern unit invented by Apple. 256 M bytes is in fact 512 M nibbles!
  • the more memory you have, the higher risk of getting a virus!
  • iOS is a modern operative system, with efficient memory handling unlike that android crap.
  • 512MB is only needed if you use Adobe Flash which is wasteful with memory
  • these are just specs. are you a spec-junkie?
  • The upcoming iPad3 will have more memory than all the competition!
  • The money apple saves on using 256 instead of 256 MB modules will be used to develop the next best thing ™.
  • The Apple A5 processor contains a new magical technology that doubles your memory size.
  • 256 MB should be enough for everyone!
  1. milky_cereal
    07/03/2011 at 20:18

    Ah yes, Gruber, the shill of shills. I’m surprised he doesn’t work for Engadget.

  2. Bondo
    10/03/2011 at 14:39

    I thought I had actually gone to iEngadgets website by mistake.

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