Isn’t this all just a pigment of your imagination?

If you continue reading this site for few days, you will see that it is not.

What are you trying to accomplish

I am trying to accomplish two things

  • Force Engadget to get their acts together, stop being a bunch of fanboys and start reviewing things without an obvious bias towards/against certain companies
  • If that fails, I want to promote alternative sites so YOU can enjoy the latest gadget news without the Engadget crap

Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

Well, there are lots of other things I would rather do. But I feel that this Engadget crap has gone way too long and someone must do something about it.
Some technology sites obvious bias towards/against certain companies is not good for the industry. While the big names such as Sony Ericsson and Nokia can survive a lot of bad reviews from Engadget, many startups cannot. This is bad for the industry and in the end bad for the consumer: you and me.

Are you fucking serious??


You are just a troll!! Go away!

Not agreeing with someone doesn’t make you a troll. If it did, then you would be trolling too!

I want to help! How can I help you??

Please read this page first. You can contact me from this page.

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