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On Engadget: past, current and future tablet reviews

Since tablets are really hot right now, I thought a little post summarizing all Engadget tablet reviews would be nice…

Review of tablets created by Apple

  • iPad 1: 8/10
  • iPad 2: 9/10 (upcoming review, we had to travel into future to get this one, see our previous post for all the juicy details)
  • iPod 7″: 10/10 (upcoming, trust me!)
  • iPad Nano: 8/10 (come on, its a tablet with a tiny tiny screen!!)

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Please remember that iPod 7 is not a tablet. We all know that 7″ tablets are Dead-On-Arrival! This is a magical media device, not a tablet!!

Review of tablets not created by Apple

  • Galaxy Tab:7/10
  • Acer A500: 4/10 (upcoming review, but we know the future, as you might already know)
  • RIM Playbook: 7/10 (upcoming review, extra plus for almost sounding like playboy)
  • HP touchpad: 3/10 (upcoming review)
  • Archos Amova 800: 6/10 (future review)
  • Archos 101: 6/10
  • Archos 71: 6/10
  • Archos 32: 6/10
  • Archos 7: 3/10
  • Mototola XOOM: 7/10
  • Delll Streak 7: 4/10
  • Nook Color 7/10
  • ExoPC slate: 5/10
  • Tega V2: 5/10
  • Satmara : 5/10 (The upcoming Sony Ericsson tablet, again, we used the time machine)
  • LG tablet: 6/10 (upcoming review. again, the timemachine saved the day)
  • Pandigital Novel: 3/10
  • Eee PC T101MT: 5/10
  • JooJoo: 3/10
  • Entourage Edge: /10

There are more tabs out there, but I think you get the picture…

Guide to Engadget reviews

You don’t really need a time machine to predict Engadget reviews. Here is a simpler method to do just that:

1. Is it an Apple product?
2. If yes, randomly choose a score between 8 and 10
3. If no, randomly choose a score between 5 and 7

4. Is it a non-Apple product that competes with an Apple product ?
5. If yes, lower the score with 3 points

6. Does the device have geek-appeal?
7. If yes, randomly add 1-3 to the score

8. Was the device created by a company whose CEO said not-so-nice 
        things about our master Steve?
9. Then lower the score with 2 points.

10. Is it an Microsoft product?
11. Then lower the score by 2

You can verify the correctness of this system by testing it on the tablets shown above.

There you have it! And you can do your own reviews, all you need is the name of the product and a dice 🙂

  1. BenDTU
    10/03/2011 at 22:55

    The Atrix and EVO 4G both got 9/10. The Apple TV Only got 7/10. Discuss.

    Seems you don’t like Apple. Let me know when that powered by Google Android iPhone killer / iPad killer / whatever finally comes along.

  2. 24/05/2011 at 20:15

    I would put the Asus eee pad transformer its a really good challenge for Ipad2

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