Regarding the Apple/Samsung lawsuit:

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This is the N2, from the tiny Swedish phone maker Neonode. This phone went on sale in Europe February 2007:

Remember that Apple iphone went on sale not before June 2007. So please stop that stupid discussion about Samsung F700, it doesn’t matter.

To the dickheads running for the comment button right npw:
Of course, iphone was first announced in January 2007, but I have hard time believing that Neonode re-wrote their entire UI to mimic that of apples phone in a single month.


Caption contest: Nokia stand at MIX 11

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Guys, you asked for this:

Regarding Justin Williams rant…

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Yeah, some dude named Williams is claiming that there are only 20 real “tablet” apps in the android market, compared to the 65000 in the apple app store…

you said what??

I found this comment on AppleInsider forums, of all places…

If you all just kindly step over to the Android Market.

You will all see there are (using Apple metrics to count apps).

1. 66 Apps optimized for Honeycomb
2. 638 Featured books (that are not free)
3. 470 Free books

These ARE optimized for tablet experience and it totals over 1174 apps (using Apple’s version of app definition… (148Appbiz currently reports that Iphone has Books – 56409 active Apps).

So clearly all the iPhone community lives in la la land. But thats alright, keep on doing so. It happened with the G1 and look where we are now. Looking at reality through distorted glasses doesn’t change reality, just your perception of it.

Now, unlike Apple. Honeycomb games don’t need any recoding to be optimized for a Tablet. So in reality Android tablets can make full use of all submitted Android apps, which by the way this week crossed 300K mark as per AndroidLib metrics, out of which 187K are active. Android adds 30K apps a month growing at 10% rate, while iPhone ecosystem grows under 5% a month and currently has 450K apps).

This year alone, this is another metric that the iOS ecosystem will surrender to Android.

Sorry to bust the bubble and I do realize most of you will rant against this.

Thats not a problem, its just reality.

so how many apps are there??

Who knows…. Google isn’t giving us any numbers, so anything you hear is probably just a wild guess.

I must however point out that even before honeycomb, android had more than 100 “tablet optimized” apps (just count the stock apps on Galaxy Tab7 , Nook b/W, Nook Color, Dell Streak and Archos 7/10 to see that Steve Jobs is full of it).

The post-Joshua Engadget: nothing has changed

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I had hoped that Joshua Topolsky “leaving” Engadget would result in more quality articles, and less Apple PR…

Man I was so wrong! After reading the Sony Ericsson XperiaPlay “review” and that article about Nokia/Apple lawsuit, I start to begin that it was Vlad Savov who should be kicked out. And I am not the only one saying this:

By the way…. here are some Play reviews that are NOT pure bullshit. Have fun

Of course, the only review that really matters is Anand Tech, which I hope will be up in a day or two.

Engadget reviews IE9

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The next blog post by John Gruber…

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(background: there has been some speculation about the amount of memory in ipad2. some people believe that ipad2 contains only 256 MB of memory, just like the first ipad)

10 reasons why 256 MB of memory is just right for a tablet

  • 512MB will just decrease the battery life
  • Apple now measures memory size in Nibbles which is a new modern unit invented by Apple. 256 M bytes is in fact 512 M nibbles!
  • the more memory you have, the higher risk of getting a virus!
  • iOS is a modern operative system, with efficient memory handling unlike that android crap.
  • 512MB is only needed if you use Adobe Flash which is wasteful with memory
  • these are just specs. are you a spec-junkie?
  • The upcoming iPad3 will have more memory than all the competition!
  • The money apple saves on using 256 instead of 256 MB modules will be used to develop the next best thing ™.
  • The Apple A5 processor contains a new magical technology that doubles your memory size.
  • 256 MB should be enough for everyone!

On Engadget: past, current and future tablet reviews

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Since tablets are really hot right now, I thought a little post summarizing all Engadget tablet reviews would be nice…

Review of tablets created by Apple

  • iPad 1: 8/10
  • iPad 2: 9/10 (upcoming review, we had to travel into future to get this one, see our previous post for all the juicy details)
  • iPod 7″: 10/10 (upcoming, trust me!)
  • iPad Nano: 8/10 (come on, its a tablet with a tiny tiny screen!!)

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Please remember that iPod 7 is not a tablet. We all know that 7″ tablets are Dead-On-Arrival! This is a magical media device, not a tablet!!

Review of tablets not created by Apple

  • Galaxy Tab:7/10
  • Acer A500: 4/10 (upcoming review, but we know the future, as you might already know)
  • RIM Playbook: 7/10 (upcoming review, extra plus for almost sounding like playboy)
  • HP touchpad: 3/10 (upcoming review)
  • Archos Amova 800: 6/10 (future review)
  • Archos 101: 6/10
  • Archos 71: 6/10
  • Archos 32: 6/10
  • Archos 7: 3/10
  • Mototola XOOM: 7/10
  • Delll Streak 7: 4/10
  • Nook Color 7/10
  • ExoPC slate: 5/10
  • Tega V2: 5/10
  • Satmara : 5/10 (The upcoming Sony Ericsson tablet, again, we used the time machine)
  • LG tablet: 6/10 (upcoming review. again, the timemachine saved the day)
  • Pandigital Novel: 3/10
  • Eee PC T101MT: 5/10
  • JooJoo: 3/10
  • Entourage Edge: /10

There are more tabs out there, but I think you get the picture…

Guide to Engadget reviews

You don’t really need a time machine to predict Engadget reviews. Here is a simpler method to do just that:

1. Is it an Apple product?
2. If yes, randomly choose a score between 8 and 10
3. If no, randomly choose a score between 5 and 7

4. Is it a non-Apple product that competes with an Apple product ?
5. If yes, lower the score with 3 points

6. Does the device have geek-appeal?
7. If yes, randomly add 1-3 to the score

8. Was the device created by a company whose CEO said not-so-nice 
        things about our master Steve?
9. Then lower the score with 2 points.

10. Is it an Microsoft product?
11. Then lower the score by 2

You can verify the correctness of this system by testing it on the tablets shown above.

There you have it! And you can do your own reviews, all you need is the name of the product and a dice 🙂