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Professional vs Fanboy: see it with your own eyes

  • Here you will found the LG Optimus 2X reviewed by a clueless Apple fanboy (Vlad Savov) …
  • … and here you can read a review of the same phone, made by some pros (AnandTech).

Too long, didn’t read??

For those of you who haven’t time to read the whole articles, here are two extracts. One was written by a complete moron who doesn’t know jack shit about the Android he is trying to review. The other one was written by a pro…

The first one:

Worse yet, the 2X's relatively unresponsive behavior isn't exactly 
sparing system resources. We installed Advanced Task Killer (which
 we also managed to crash, woohoo!) on the 2X and even after 
clearing out all the apps running in the background, the highest 
amount of memory we could free up was 210MB. That means that
 of the device's 512MB of available RAM, a good 300MB are taken 
up by the OS itself. That's a hefty footprint to have when you 
consider that 256MB of RAM was the standard among smartphones 
until not too long ago.

… and the other one:

The other interesting bit is how RAM is allocated on the 2X - 
there’s 512 MB of it, of which 384 MB is accessible by applications 
and Android. 128 MB is dedicated entirely to the GPU. You can 
pull that directly out of some other dmesg trickery as well:

mem=383M@0M nvmem=128M@384M

The first 384 are for general RAM, the remaining 128 MB is NVIDIA 
memory which we can only assume is dedicated entirely to the GPU. 

I am sure you can figure out which one is which 🙂

One more time!

Want one more example?? Here you go:

The first one

The loudspeaker on the Optimus 2X is a direct imitation of 
Apple's iPhone arrangement -- it sits behind the right grille 
you see above and does a very decent job.

The second one

Likewise, calls on the 2X sounded good on the earpiece. 
On speaker, there’s some distortion and a little saturation 
at the two highest volume settings. Turning it down one 
more notch makes it go away and brings audio quality 
way up subjectively.

The good side of that tradeoff is that the 2X’s speakerphone 
is very loud, even if by the numbers it isn’t the absolute 
loudest we’ve tested. No doubt that’s at least partly due to the 
fact the we put the microphone 6 inches above the display surface. 

On the far left side you can see a depressed region which
 leads out to the meshed speaker port.

This is the speakerphone and antenna assembly, you can 
see two contacts at the bottom left which make contact 
near the antenna connector on the top photo. The speaker
 is to the right below the fine mesh, and aligns with the
 mixing chamber in the above photo.

Internally, the 2X actually has a nice large audio chamber
 for the speakerphone port. The speaker is oriented facing 
out the back, through some mesh, into the mixing chamber,
 and then ported out through the bottom. 

PS – sorry Anand for hotlinking the images 🙂 The point however to the original post

PS2. It would be fun to see Vlads face when somebody posts this on Engadget


Another review, this time by the reputable PhoneArena, which gives the phone the “Excellent” score of 8.5/10. Remember that Engadget gave this very same phone 6/10…

  1. mojo
    08/02/2011 at 16:59

    As expected that clown Vlad deleted well-written comments that were critical of his review. At the same time somehow the pro-Apple troll comments were left untouched.

  2. FuzzDog
    29/03/2011 at 13:37

    Vlad deletes valid comments all the time, it’s an abuse of power. He is a total douche bag.

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