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Engadget vs Nokia: the fight goes on…

Have you read the latest anti-Nokia propaganda on Engadget?

"Nokia releases Symbian update for N8, C7 and C6-01, 
it's not the one you've been waiting for"

Oh wait…

Did the writer tried to tell me what to think about this subject, already in the title?? Is this really ethical journalism??

I can think for myself, thank you very much!

Let’s bury our heads in the sand…

The article/rant (well, more or less hate speech) ends with this statement:

"[...]but where the hell is our portrait QWERTY keyboard, split-screen 
text input, or those much-needed browser improvements? 
In the rubbish bin next to Symbian^4?"

Well, to answer that, I am going to cite parts of a very interesting thread in the comments for you. Enjoy!

TurboDragon 1 hour ago 
The updates mentionned (portrait qwerty and al.) are, as they have 
always been, scheduled for Version 2.0. As to when this is released 
is hard to guess, but rumours range from mid-February to mid-March.

  Mohammad Mehdi 1 hour ago in reply to TurboDragon 
  Hey. They don't want to know. They want to bash Nokia for 
  anything they can.

    Vlad Savov MOD 59 minutes ago in reply to Mohammad Mehdi 
    No, we don't. Nokia's internal cadence is utterly irrelevant to the
    consumer. The question isn't "when will 2.0 get here," the question
    has always been "when will I get a useful portrait keyboard?" 
    That hasn't changed.

        Mark_Anderson 30 minutes ago in reply to Vlad Savov 
        LOL! Don't kid a kidder, Vlad. You're just following the standard 
        Engadget click harvester that is "Praise Apple and Android whilst
         puttign the boot into Symbian".

        The release schedule has been clear since October last year. 
        The fact that you are unaware of it - or are you? - points more
         to your ignorance than anything else.

        Incidentally, can any Android fans tell me how long it took Samsung 
        to release firmware that fixed the GPS and screen lag on the SGS? 
        Or Apple to fix the aerial signal and proximity sensor?

        TurboDragon 1 hour ago in reply to Vlad Savov 
        The qwerty keyboard is not in the rubbish bin, nor is its not being 
        included in this update any indication that it is being trashed. 
        As mentionned, it is scheduled for PR 2.0.

        JFH_Engadget 1 hour ago in reply to Vlad Savov 
        That does not change the fact that it would not be the 1.1 update 
        coming first, but the 2.0 update coming later bringing those features, 
        which means by following logic your expectations of those features
        being in 1.1, the one coming now, is just plain stupid. And your rant
         at the end of your article is off the mark as well, because nothing 
        is in the rubbish bin, and you are just trying to score cheap points. 
        Fox news from London. Awesome.

Holy crap!! That was some pretty awesome pwnage, don’t you agree??

  1. Lulzer
    06/02/2011 at 04:56

    You missed all the comments that were deleted. It was Savov back to his true form. The Nokia hate just continues non-stop.

    • kenu
      07/02/2011 at 07:01

      Oh, I saw it, but now I’m kicking myself in the head for not taking the time to take a screenshot. :\

  2. mojo
    07/02/2011 at 20:27

    They will always twist their words to find negatives in any device that is a rival to an Apple product. Look at their LG Optimus 2X review. That phone deserves a high score but that idiot Vlad gave it a 6/10.

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