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Engadgets Dell Streak 7 review: major FUBAR, as usuall…

Yes, it has happened again. Engadget has bashed yet another product for the simple reason that it is in the same segment as some Apple product.

The review itself, in which Streak is given 4/10, is a standard Engadget bashing-review: point out some goods, point out some bads, then give the gadget an unreasonably low score and quickly move on. If a commenter questions the score, delete his posts and ban his account.

By now, everyone knows that Engadget is the laughingstock of the gadget blogs. Yes, they write about a lot of gadgets everyday and seem to be on a lot of consumer shows (thanks to the deep pockets of their sugar daddy AOL Inc.). But it is not a secret that these guys are not journalists but a bunch of fanboys that all too often favor opinion to facts.

Speaking of opinions, you have read mines. You do not need to agree, but the very least you should do is to hit the links below and form your own opinion:

(Please note that I am in no way claiming that Streak is a perfect product. As with any other products, there are some problems with the stream, but there are also some nice things about it. It).

  1. Mojo
    01/02/2011 at 20:22

    Applegadget’s rating system is totally flawed. They will nitpick the hell out of Apple-rival devices just to paint them with a bad brush.

    Lately they have been going hard at the Samsung Galaxy Tab to show that sales aren’t great.

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