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Your guide to the Engadget WP7 reviews:

Are you too shocked by the low score WP7 OS and phones have received from the Engadget reviewers? Don’t you agree with them about the OS being “buggy” after having tested one yourself? Do you think Engadget is so full of shit??

Well, the user korg250 explained how to interpret the Engadget scores:

Scorecard without reality distortion:

score + apple bias score (2) = real score

– focus, trophy and mozart = 9/10
– omnia, optimus: 10/10 (yeah!)
– surround, hd7: 8/10

  1. Bondo
    09/11/2010 at 15:15

    That last set of reviews with just BS negatives about the different phones really put me over the top. “The phone is slippery in my left hand,” What the heck do I care about that. Act like you got a pair and grip the phone. I wanna know stuff like does the phone have a fm transmitter if so does it work well. Can I connect it to my TV and if so what methods are available. Does existing software work with the phone or do I need to purchase all new software. If they don’t plan to do real reviews then my time is wasted on that site.

  2. hi2tammy
    12/11/2010 at 06:36

    The news had an article about the launch of WP7 and were comparing it with previous launches of other smart phones. The iPhone in all its versions has had the longest crowds wanting to buy them (not counting massive pre-orders); the Motorola Droid drew quite large crowds too and even the debut of the Palm Pre drew a good number of people to stored. But WP7 drew no one. I seriously doubt everyone who wanted one got theirs online. I think what really happened is that WP7 just never caught the interest of the public at large. Looks like Microsoft was already anticipating this hence their $500 million marketing budget. If success can be bought with marketing then this should not be a problem for MS and should rise to the top.

    The evidence practically proves that the Engadget reviews are correct.

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