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Engadget N8 review: some user comments

Somebody pointed out that the comment section of the latest “Engadget Podcast” contained some very interesting posts. Of course, the really interesting ones were already deleted by the time I got there, but I still managed to find a few gems:

About bias

Here is one good post from the user “Fradget”:

If you only reviewed phones as they shipped in the box, how the hell could the iPhone4 get a 9/10 when it doesn’t come close to the N8 in terms of the software or hardware that ships on the device? You need to BUY the video editor on the iPhone4 for €5 yet that was included in the iPhone 4’s review!


You would buy an app for the iPhone but you wouldn’t use a free app like Opera on a Nokia N8? Same goes for the Gravity application for $10, it’s a kickass Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Foursquare utility app which isn’t mentioned or even tried in free unlimited demo mode because $10 is too much to spend on a Symbian app while the iPhone4 review makes mention of the availabilty of 3rd party apps as a plus!

… and more bias

Here is another one from the user “hexpoll “:

The entire frame is one that doesn’t work well for Nokia. Instead of saying “the default browser is terrible, the UI is clunky” you could be saying:
“why can’t the iPhone tether?”
“why can’t the iPhone read USB thumb drives?”
“why can’t the iPhone play my divx/xvid movies?”
“why can’t the iPhone show information on the home screen?”
“why can’t I connect my iPhone to any computer over USB?”
“why do I have to use iTunes to access files on my iPhone?”
“why can’t I use my iPhone as a wifi hot spot?”

.. and getting banned

The user “Fradget” actually managed to get himself banned with this post:

Bottom line is that your review was not honest or complete. It didn’t mention half the phone’s features. Can you answer me WHY? You focus on the browser ALONE for the entire podcast for instance.

In the review video you Chris Ziegler have 11 apps running like the heavy OVI maps before opening the browser. Can you explain why you chose to do this? You’ve never done that when reviewing any other device.

I called you guys out for what you said in the podcast. Let those who said it and those who were laughing about it come forward and be man enough to explain and defend their statements! You know what was said is bigoted and racist. You can threaten to ban me all you like, I don’t care. It’s not like you people haven’t banned other posters for saying lesser things than I am saying like this example here: http://oi54.tinypic.com/2iligl4.jpg

Of course, you should never ask Engadget crew to come forward and be a man… as you can see below, this sort of talk can get your ass banned:

Nilay Patel MOD in reply to Fradget :

Okay, you’re banned. […]

… speaking of censoring posts and banning people…

I guess the user “anthesis” said it best (in a thread where the mods have deleted someones harmless comment):

Things like this show that they can dish out criticism but can’t take it. How are they going to grow if they can’t take feed back acknowledge it and build from it. At the moment they are modeling off the apple system of PR control. Deny until there is a huge backlash then admit about a problem but spin it so that it is not really their fault.

To all the editors, learning from mistakes and negative feedback is the only way to grow. Instead of lashing back, put on a positive face, ignore the outlandishly negatives, point out some of the valid criticism within the rants and try to incorporate it into future reviews/posts. That is all the “fanboys” want. Childish jabs and trolling within the posts and podcasts only hurts your reputation.

  1. Oliver
    18/10/2010 at 20:34

    I find the part about “Fascism masquerading on Socialist Agenda” especially amusing, even though it was made in jest. Especially since they themselves seem to be rather draconic on their handling of their comments.

    Land of the free, huh…

  2. Oliver
    19/10/2010 at 21:02

    Funnier part. Take a gander at keizka, me, questioning them about that what Fradget said. I got a reply from Nilay Patel, do you see it? I have actually researched that multiculturalism part a wee bit, and if his comment doesn’t show there, fine. If it shows, I’ll get to him with my rebuttal.

    Funny stuff.

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