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Engadget reporting from a Nokia event, this cannot be good…

The live report is on Engadget, check it out. You will notice that the Engadget “reporter” doesn’t really want to be there?

Hmmm… maybe he rather want to go home and play Angry Birds on his iphone 4??

Let’s see what Engadget reads felt about that?

Can Engadget send more bitter and sarcastic editor next time in a non Apple event. I don’t feel much the hate here in this live blog.

aamp … in reply to Sor1
Engadget may not like Nokia but they should cover topics like this with enthusiasm.

You may not feel like you’re apple fanbois but it sure looks like it from here. How about showing a few screens of the ‘dev stuff’ like you cover on APPL events (how come you’re interested then?) – some of us are interested and we come to Engadget for Live Blogging – UNFILTERED!

PS. iPhone owner here! All I want is non-biased reporting…or at least less hating on Nokia when it’s not necessary.

Can they get less enthusiastic when it comes to Nokia?

Angry Birds is the flagship game on the Apple App Store, and there are probably 20+ articles about or referring to success of Angry Birds and iphone as gaming device on engadget.

Nokia just announced that Angry Bird will be installed on all new Symbian^3 devices. This is huge and a great news for Nokia and future N8 owners. Now lets just see how Engadget felt about that:

10:27AM Mikael Hed of Rovio (developer behind Angry Birds) is on stage. Describing how it works. “Angry birds puts you in change of some very angry birds…” Is this really necessary? “Using a slingshot, you send the birds through the air to smash the pigs…”

10:32AM Angry Birds “Mighty Eagle” is an in-app Ovi Store purhcase that can instantly clearly any single level. This is the end of games as a commodity and the beginning of games as a service.

10:32AM Angry Birds will be installed on all Symbian^3 phones starting with the N8.

That’s it! Not a single more word about this awesome news was written 😦 😦

Now if Apple had announced that they will ship Pacman on their upcoming iphone 5, you bet that would have generated at least 10-20 new articles about Apple and how awesome it is to run in dark rooms while taking pills and avoiding ghosts…

  1. Flesh
    04/10/2010 at 10:48

    In similar news, Angry Birds possibly going to Android was an article, and Angry Birds Lite hitting Android was another.

    When Angry Birds was made available for webOS about a month earlier, there was not a word on that.

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