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We are doing some good after all…

If you have followed Engadget the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that they have improved a lot. At least now there is no obvious bias in big red letter on the front page…


The outcome of their reviews are still heavily biased, maybe even gotten worse lately. The fact that almost all Apple products have received the score 8 or 9 out of 10 (the new ipod touch got 9/10), while the best that Nokia has ever received is 6/10 (for N900 ffs), which speaks miles about Engadgets bias.

Did I mentioned that they gave SE X10 the score 4/10 because it couldn’t do iphone-style pinch zoom??

  1. Harry Marks
    09/09/2010 at 15:49

    Actually, they gave the X10 a 4/10 for a variety of reasons, three of which are outlined at the top of the review (http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/28/sony-ericsson-xperia-x10-for-atandt-review/).

    Runs Android 1.6, no upgrade for a while
    Custom UI still lags, no multitouch
    Too pricey given competition

    For $150, an Android phone should be running at least 2.1, if not 2.2 and have multitouch. I can buy a Droid Incredible for $149 with all of that. That review wasn’t biased – those were legitimate issues.

    And did you ever stop to think that Apple products get such high scores because maybe they’re just good products?

    Your misrepresentation of the facts and lack of any at all in most cases doesn’t help your agenda.

  2. Harry Marks
    09/09/2010 at 19:22

    From their review: “The camera is still the X10’s crowning achievement, and we’re happy to say it still takes great still pictures even in low-light situations.” There’s a pro.

    “The first is lack of multitouch anywhere, in any app. All this sleek hardware and large screen and we’re still stuck tapping on-screen cues for zooming in and out. If SE really wanted to bridge a gap, mult-digit support should be high on the list of to-do’s. Speaking of sleek hardware, despite a 1GHz processor, the skinned Android OS still suffers from jerkiness and strange lag — especially Timescape, if you haven’t checked it in awhile. And yep, like we said before, keyboard is still sluggish.”

    A lack of multitouch is a serious problem on a high-end phone like this. It’s inexcusable, when lesser phones have it. Also, I don’t think noting that the “skinned Android OS suffers from jerkiness and strange lag” to be biased. That’s a legitimate concern for someone interested in buying this product. Finally, “2.1+”? What is that? Why isn’t this brand new phone shipping with 2.1 from the start and getting 2.2 later? (Better question: why didn’t this phone come with 2.2 from the get-go?)

    They don’t review products based on “what might be coming” – that’s not how reviews work. You test the product you’re given and you rate it on how well it performs for you during your testing. Of course this phone would get a 7/10 or 8/10 if we based it on what could be coming down the pipeline, but that’s not a real world scenario. People buy phones based on what they have now, not what they might have later.

    The editors have claimed over and over again that a) there is no bias. They hold no stock in any company they cover (in fact, it’s against their employment policy) and no allegiance to any one company. I can’t count how many times Topolsky has said he’s going to get some new phone from Verizon, Google, Microsoft, et al to replace his iPhone.

    And what are you talking about in regards to the “actuall” price? Actual price of what? If you are going to argue with me, you should at least provide context for vague statements at the end of your reply.

    • 10/09/2010 at 09:16

      You realize that this weakens your case even more? The engadget review agrees that the phone is very nice but it lacks (a) multitouch, (b) android 2.1 hence it gets 4/10???

      And let me quote the Engadget review for you:
      “Runs Android 1.6, no upgrade for a while”

      If they fail to mention that “for a while” means 1 month, I see it as a clear sign of bias.

      So we only have “multitouch” left: there are very few multitouch apps/games on the market, and SE implements its own “one-finger zoom” that at least to me is superior to pinch-zoom. But even if we agree that multitouch is the most important future of a phone today, does it really justify the 4/10 score for an otherwise great phone???

      Regarding the price: maybe you are getting screwed by the carrier. You can get this phone unlocked for much less. Why are you blaming SE for this??

      PS. my “Engadget review scores as charts” article is at clear as it gets. If you cant see the obvious bias in the charts, you are either blind or stupid.

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