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Engadget review scores as charts

After watching the Engadget reviews closely for a few years, I decided to share some interesting figures with you and let you draw your own conclusions…

Apple vs HP

This chart compares the scores earned by various Apple and HP products.

The X-axis represents score (1 to 10) and the Y-axis represents count. For example, from the chart below we can see that exactly 1 HP product have received the score 5 (the HP Mini 210, in case you are curious).

Apple vs HTC

Apple vs Sony

Apple vs Nokia

I think this one really speaks for itself:


I should point out that I have excluded a few products to keep things more relevant. For example if Engadget had reviewed 10 Nokia phones and 1 Nokia trackpad, I would have excluded the trackpad since it is not very relevant.

I have probably missed a few reviews and mistyped a few numbers. If you find any errors, please let me know.

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