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Let’s spice up our reviews with some made up flaws!!

If a new product somehow competes with an Apple product, you can pretty much be sure that it will not get a fair review at Engadget. We have seen Engadget do this to everything from Nokia phones to Android tablets.

Sometimes, it is just too obvious. Not having anything substantial to complain about, the good folks Engadget will make up flaws to justify the crappy score the Apple competitor will get. Consider for example the following from the ZTE Racer review:

[…]but we can’t help noticing the green robot printed slightly off-center on our particular unit — even Andy Rubin would probably shed a tear over this little boo boo. […]

While ZTE Racer is not a top of the line phone, the above flaw is (1) unimportant and (2) completely made up. Fortunatly, the reviewer didn’t care enough to Photoshop the review gallery, to which I have contributed with a big fat red line:

Oh well, what did you expect? After all, this is Engadget…

  1. engadgetsuckssucks
    20/08/2010 at 13:22

    you can draw a line between any two points. if you look at the position of the line on the bottom lip for the back cover, you’ll see, oh wait, it IS off-center!

    *I do not work for engadget.

    • 21/08/2010 at 16:41

      @the guy not currently working for engadget:

      Did you take into account the 3D effect? (the USB connector is a bit below the back over). For that matter, how do we know that the USB connector is centered?

      In any case, lets say you are right and those Engadgeters were technically correct: the damn robot is 2-3 millimeters off center. Is this such an obvious and frustrating flaw that deserves mentioning in the review? or were our mutual buddies at Engadget just nitpicking??

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