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Questioning Engadget reviews will get your posts deleted

Remember folks, you are not to questions our Engadget overloads, ever. Obviously, this “Joseph Mama” didn’t get the memo and got his posts on the Epic 4G review deleted:

Obviously more people noticed this:

War Ensemble Posted Aug 16th 2010 1:31AM Highly Ranked


I just wanted to throw it out there that I saw that comment, too.

It’s not very professional to delete the comments of people that disagree with you, Engadget. I thought this place was supposed to be a vehicle for discussion–a place that’s not arbitrarily censoring people for voicing their opinions. Oh well.
Mike10010100 Posted Aug 16th 2010 1:43AM Neutral

@War Ensemble

Arbitrary censoring seems to happen more often at night, as nobody will miss the comment in the morning.

Love the Epic, don’t understand the 8/10 vs. 6/10 for the Droid 2…
AlexMP Posted Aug 16th 2010 2:24AM Neutral


Posting to say I read Joseph Mama’s comment, which I agreed with as well . . . some lame censoring here.

At least this time the Engadget crew were brave enough to acknowledge the deleting:

Chris Ziegler Posted Aug 16th 2010 3:00AM

@Mike10010100 I deleted Joseph Mama’s comment because I will not, nor will I ever tolerate having it suggested that we’re being paid off by a manufacturer to influence a review. You’re welcome to bring constructive criticism to the table, but I have limits. We’ve been through this before — commenting here is a privilege, not a right.

Not that it did them much good:

threpac Posted Aug 16th 2010 3:30AM Neutral

@Chris Ziegler

That is a joke, right?

You have comments to drive the amount of people that visit your site up, with multiple page views and people coming back to the same article to read them.
To insinuate that you provide us with a public service is just nonsense. If engadget wasn’t here, something else would be, doing exactly the same thing you do.

Let’s be more constructive

I will do something more constructive than complaining and whining about Engadget. I will provide you alternative sites to the Epic 4G and Droid 2 reviews:

Engadget have in past been extremely aggressive in banning people who provide alternative sources. Since I am already banned, I assume they will next get their lawyers to send me C&D letters 😦

  1. Oliver
    02/10/2010 at 23:20

    Funny thing is I got even banned from Engadget because I questioned their journalistic integrity…

    Shame on that. People actually liked my comments (26 comments and 168 likings).

  2. DroidCLH
    04/01/2011 at 04:57

    I had 600 comments and 1500 likes and they banned me just now! I dont even know why!

  3. Chris Hanson
    01/10/2011 at 02:52

    I was banned as well for not agreeing with their reviews. Good Riddance I am going to read their competitor who has already taken half their staff ( THE VERGE ) . Damn you Engadget you have lost me as a reader.

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