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Engadget banning accounts, the coward way

On Engadget, if you do something horrible [such as pointing out that an article contains incorrect information or is that some data is interpreted incorrectly], you may get your account silently banned.

The Engadget crew never give you a first warning (which is really bad since they seem to ban people for pretty normal conversation). And they don’t even contact you to tell you that your account is banned.

Once your account is banned, you will notice that

  • you can still log in…
  • but all your old posts are deleted…
  • when you try to comment an article you will receive the message below…
  • but you will never receive any confirmation emails
  • which effectively disables your account.

I believe this is an extremely coward approach. If the Engadget crew feel your posts are inappropriate, they should first contact you and tell you to stop. After all, the whole thing could be a simple misunderstanding. If that doesn’t work and they feel that they must disable your account, they should at least have the courage to do it properly and openly!

  1. BIASEDgadget
    16/09/2010 at 03:56

    It’s still happening all the time. Mostly to people who call them out for their Anti-Nokia bias.

  2. Oliver
    02/10/2010 at 23:25

    Been there, done that. I did say something about their bias, pointed out that GSMarena is more likely to bring out an unbiased review. Afterwards I questioned their integrity by all those petty little comments they managed to put in Nokia news, while applauding the site as a good source of gadget information. That got me banned, that I insinuated that *gasp* Engadget is slandering Nokia/SE/Samsung/WeTab etc…

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