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Bias: just a quick example..

Just a quick example on the anti-Nokia, pro-Apple stand Engadget has taken:

Apple iPhone app store

When Apple opened their App Store for the original iPhone, Engadget wrote tons of articles about how it would change the world to a better place. Today, Engadget still posts a few App Store stories each day.

N900 app store

The Nokia N900 [still the king of smartphones according to some] got a while back app store functionality [more specifically Nokia Ovi Store]. So how did Engadget report this?

Like this: “Nokia N900 gets first software update, but don’t expect much” 😦


This was more than most people could take. The comments were full of posters asking Engadget to stop their hatred towards Nokia. Engadget responded by deleting almost all posts that criticized them [if you read the posts today, you will notice that there are a lot of comments missing a thread or a parent]. This didn’t help, people started writing angry comments on other pages. This ended by Engadget disabling the comment system, altogether.

Engadgets editor in chief Joshua Topolsky explained the reasons in an interview:

“Unfortunately, we’ve also had an influx of readers 
who are very trollish.”

Then they posted a long article blaming “trolls” for everything, but nobody really bought that. This is what one user later commented on that story:

ArhcAngel Posted Feb 4th 2010 2:25PM Highest Ranked
And now as if a straw to an already overburdened camel's back 
we have iPadgate(tm). I have always given the editors at Engadget 
the benefit of the doubt as to their reporting bias but the days 
leading up the the iPad's announcement left no doubt in anyone's 
(except possibly the editor's themselves) mind just how biased the 
reporting here has become. I would have even forgiven this [...] 
But turning commenting off because some comments were not liked 
by the editors has given me great pause. Spin it however you like
but the fact remains the editors had full control over deleting said 
comments and people reading had down-ranking at their disposal. 

(there where many other posts calling on this subject, but those mostly get silently deleted).

In any case, they eventually turned comments back on. When the users came back, many who had previously criticized Engadget noticed that their accounts had been disabled. All their previous posts where silently removed and while they could login and post new comments, those never showed up 😦

So far, Engadget has refused to comment on this alleged censoring.

  1. SN
    03/01/2012 at 03:49

    They did it again on comparing Camera of Iphone 4s, 4, Galaxy Sii and N8. Most of the N8 photo is out focus.

    I own N8 but I can same I.C (intergrated Circuit) and can see the the finest font on them. However, Endgadget can even able to focus the books title.

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